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Senscient Series 1000 ELDS™ Methane


                 Fulfilling the promise of open path gas detection (OPGD)


About Senscient ELDS OPGD
ELDSTM is a patented, new open path gasdetection (OPGD) technology from Senscient.The innovative Enhanced Laser Diode Spectroscopy(ELDS) detection technology featuredin our ELDS Series of open path gasdetectors truly fulfills the promise of fit-and forget open path gas detection...

• Reliable detection of both toxic & flammable gases.
• Industry’s first false-alarm free Open Path Gas Detector. ELDS detection is molecular species specific, eliminating false
   alarms from common atmospheric or non-hazardous gases that plague traditional OPGD (or any NDIR or LDS
   technology) systems.
• FIRST and ONLY open path toxic gas detector to meet current industry   Safety Performance Standards.
• FIRST and ONLY gas detector with SimuGas™, an electronic, remote   functionality check.
• 3 orders of magnitude greater sensitivity for combustible gases versus   conventional OP systems.
• Up to 60% reduction in gas detection project Cap Ex and COO, with true   Fit-&-Forget functionality.
• Backed by a network of industry leading gas detection solutions providers.
open path gas detection Senscient ELDS Series 1000 Methane Detector

Features / Benefits:
• Reliable, open path detection of methane at levels low enough to provide
  early warning for leakage of this highly flammable gas. Detection Limits for
  methane leak detection are orders of magnitude lower than any other OPGD
• No false alarms from any other hydrocarbon gases including diesel fumes or
  oil mist.
• True ease-of-installation, with vibration and misalignment tolerant optics.
• SimuGasTM feature provides ability to accomplish on-demand, remote
  functionality testing right from the control room or PLC!

Offshore Platforms, FPSO’s, Onshore Petrochemical facilities and Refineries.

Theory of Operation:
Using a separate transmitter and receiver configuration, Senscient ELDS Series 1000 Methane OPGD systems can detect and measure methane over distances between 5 and 200 m. The ELDS technique measures the Harmonic Fingerprint introduced onto the transmitter’s laser beam(s) by absorption by any target gas in the monitored path.

“The ELDS™ and SimuGas™ trademarks and the Senscient company logo are being used with the express permission of Senscient, Inc. in support of the distribution of its products by (the Distributor).

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